Insight Into… Reflecting and Goal Setting

As the year draws to a close, we challenged our consultants to take a moment for some self-reflection and encouraged them to recognise their accomplishments, lessons learned and skills acquired throughout 2018. Reflection also presents the perfect opportunity to look ahead and set goals for the coming year. So, amidst the festivities, here’s an insight into what some of our consultants are grateful for from the last 12 months and what they’re aiming for in 2019…


Elliott Parker:

Elliott Parker

“This year I have been incredibly grateful and proud of my son, Jacob, with how quickly he is developing and growing. With him hitting the terrible two’s though I am also extremely grateful for the autonomy and flexibility Insight have offered me over the past year to balance work with spending those important moments with him. A big learning point for me this year has been the importance of developing your personal brand therefore my New Years Resolution is to increase and improve my output of (hopefully) useful content via various channels. Maybe even get a Podcast up and running early on next year. Watch this space!”

Kieran Kenny:

Kieran Kenny

“I’ve learnt this year with recruitment every day is different, nothing is a given and you have to be constantly reactive. I’ve applied this to my personal life outside of the workplace and am embracing the fact that every day will be different! In 2019 I plan to adapt what I do on a day to day basis to get to my end goals quicker.”

Lee Sentino:

Lee Sentino

“I am grateful to our marketing team, Generation Nexus, for getting some great content out this year and helping with the Insight Into events. Looking ahead to next year, I’m going to focus on getting more interesting video content out there with our Manchester tech community.”

Justa Rasciute:

Justa Rasciute

“I’m genuinely grateful for how closely I am able to work with my MD who helps me with any challenges and leads by example. Not only that, but he is the most motivating individual I have ever come across who supports each and every team. In the New Year I plan to begin meditating and learning how to become a more focused individual in my personal and professional life. Even though I do well at work, I get distracted easily and find it hard to concentrate, which is something that I will definitely be working on in January.”

Sam Rubert:

Sam Rubert

“I’m truly grateful to Sean, Ads and Lee for giving me the opportunity to get into recruitment this year. In 2019 my main aim is to smash out deals and make the most of the chance I’ve been given.”

Danielle Knight:

Daki Knight

“I am grateful to have started my apprenticeship in HR Support and changed roles to Office Manager this year as it has given me the opportunity to be more innovative and creative! Looking ahead to next year I am determined to complete my apprenticeship and begin implementing what I’ve learnt to help drive Insight forwards.”

Beth McGrath:

Beth McGrath

“I’m grateful to Insight for giving me the opportunity to make the career change that I wanted despite having not previously worked within the recruitment industry! In 2019 my resolution is to work hard and prove to Sean and Adam I was worth taking a chance on!”

Elliot Roebuck:

Elliot Roebuck

“Reflecting on the past year I can say that I’m grateful for joining the Insight journey and am looking forward to building our patch. In the New Year I will strive to be even more creative and make a concerted effort to connect on a wider scale with the fantastic talent that’s out there!”

It’s been an incredible year here at Insight – we’ve grown significantly, launched our dedicated practices and hosted countless sell-out ‘Insight Into’ networking events!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that’s supported us throughout the past 12 months and look forward to connecting with you in 2019.

Finally, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone here at Insight!

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