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In today’s digital economy, data and the insight gained from it is now more fundamental to business growth than ever before. At Insight, we appreciate the power that comes from having the right Data resource and we have worked across the board from building data functions to providing people to solve some of the biggest business and social challenges.

Specialising in the Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics space predominantly within Microsoft Stack and Cloud, we connect talent with dynamic AI start-ups, to some of the biggest consultancies globally.

Typical roles will include: Data Scientists, Engineer’s & Analysts, BI & Database Developers and Administrators

As a continually innovating vertical, our data practice has embraced the markets evolving nature and responded by hosting a regular and highly respected networking event.

This ensures that as an agency we’re staying on top of, and connected with, the key changes and leading figures within the sector and further authenticates our reputation as genuine experts within this field.



The Manchester AI Tech group has been founded by our Insight consultants to cover all topics of AI within BI.

Topics at our industry-leading events cover Data, Business intelligence, Machine Learning, AI in collaboration with leading figures across the sector.

Events are hosted within Manchester City Centre and are a fantastic way of connecting with, and offering real value to, people working within this markets.

Insight Into: News

Like our name, we love sharing Insight Into understanding our people and company culture, our specialist practices and how you can develop within your career. Read, watch and get an Insight into the world of Tech, IT and Engineering.

An Insight Into Mental Health Tech

Amid funding shortages and an explosion in demand for mental health care, experts have noted technology has to potential to bridge gaps in access to services, improve the quality of care and deliver personalised treatments, all while helping to alleviate the pressures on traditional healthcare systems. In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, we explore the world of Mental Health Tech, highlighting our top five apps in the market with ORCHA scores of above 70%

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Let’s Get Inclusive Spotlights: Rachel Wallace

Rachel Wallace is a Robotics Automation Engineering Manager at HighRes Biosolutions. Enabling a department of Automation and Liquid Handling Engineers that write code and deploy integrated robotics systems that helps labs and pharma test for Covid-19 and other experiments faster, more consistently, and in an automated fashion. She has over a decade’s experience within management positions at a variety of engineering and tech companies and is passionate about diversity and inclusion within these spaces.

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Health-Tech in the Hot Seat: Is innovation set to continue post-pandemic?

Heightened by the pandemic, digital advances and new technology are continuing to revolutionise healthcare. In 2020, global venture capital investment for healthtech innovators reached its highest figure to date ($14 billion), with nearly two-thirds of total funding Series C and above. There are now over 3,000 health-tech start-ups and scale-ups within the UK, with 400 of these companies recording high growth (over 20% annually).

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