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ICYMI: WATCH Our Let’s Get Disruptive: SCALE webinar

With the expectation of constant organisational expansion and evolution throughout the tech industry, it’s more important now than ever to approach the scaling of your tech, teams and business strategically and what better way to mitigate the chances of making mistakes, than by hearing from those that have been there and done it already!

Key discussion points explored during the session included

  • How to effectively utilise technology to scale
  • Building scalable and resilient platforms
  • How to scale a tech team

Hosted by Infinity Works Tim Benjamin, our panellists included: 

Andy Norton, Anna Dick, Adrian Hesketh and Dan Glenn!

Events and Podcasts

We have built both a digital and offline community, through hosting round table discussions, webinars, interactive panels, and lightning talks.

Our latest event and podcast series – Let’s Get Disruptive, has created a unique platform for sharing experiences and discussing industry challenges.

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Prefer reading over listening?

Check out the key takeaways from each of our virtual events and podcast episodes in our nicely summarised blogs below. All of the insight, in less time!

Neil Casey, Global Head of Sourcing and Strategic Hiring At Thoughtworks

BlogIf you don’t experience some disruption in your career then do you even have the opportunity to adapt, evolve and get better? Our ‘Let’s Get Disruptive’ podcast series sees us talking to some of the leading figures in the tech community to discuss the disruptions...

Gabrielle Earnshaw, Championing Diversity in Tech

BlogGabrielle Earnshaw from Infinity Works is a rare asset to the tech world; an academic with a hunger to learn and grow, an understanding of how to retain the best in the business and an outward view of the challenges facing the sector. This is why she is our next...

Toby Wilman: Battling Imposter Syndrome

BlogIn our very first episode, we're kicking things off with the insanely inspiring Head of Talent and Community at Infinity Works, Toby Wilman! We sit down with Toby to discuss the growth of Infinity Works industry-renowned DevOps Battle Royale event series, tackling...


Checked out our latest events?

Catch up on our recent virtual events and roundtables where we explore all things change, automation and scale with stellar line-ups of industry experts! Enjoy all of the insight at your own convenience!

Let’s Get Disruptive: CHANGE

Let’s Get Disruptive: The Human Element of Automation

Let’s Get Disruptive: SCALE


Insight Into... Our Next Event


Insight Into… Our Automation Specialism

As part of our Insight Informed series, our Industry 4.0 practice lead Joe Lanigan-Smith gives us the low-down on everything Automation in the lead up to our Let’s Get Disruptive Automation virtual round table on the 18th September.

Six UK tech companies that scaled during lockdown

Leading up to Insight’s SCALE webinar and as part of our Let’s Get Disruptive Series, we take a look at six UK head-quartered tech companies that have continued to grow their businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insight Informed

At Insight, we believe knowledge is best shared. We are always keen to leverage the expertise and knowledge of the industry leaders and pioneers we speak to on a daily basis.

The Informed series was created with this in mind. By collaborating with thought leaders who are similarly passionate about the tech and engineering worlds, Informed brings to you an informative and entertaining suite of industry insights on topical themes which are easily accessible and on-demand!

Anna Dick, CTO at The Hiring Hub

Insight spoke to Anna Dick, CTO at The Hiring Hub, and one of our panellists for our Let’s Get Disruptive: Scale webinar!

Anna speaks about attracting and retaining the best talent, diversity, the challenges of scaling a team, and the benefits of having part-time employees on the payroll.

Simon Rowe, Head of Product at Musclefood

Will Cowell, Head of Engineering at Musclefood


Insight into… Our IT Verticals and What Sets Us Apart with Chris Ashton, Permanent Director
Insight Into… Steve Clark, Director of Engineering at Insight Recruitment
Insight Into… Our Chairman Mike Smith
Insight Into… Understanding People & Redefining Perceptions, with Sean McCleary, MD at Insight
Insight Into… From Apprentice to Top Biller, what it’s like growing through the team by Harry Ridgard

Toby Wilman, Head of Talent and Community at Infinity Works

BlogOur ‘Let’s Get Disruptive’ podcast series is proving to be hugely popular and we’ve already spent time chatting to a myriad of inspiring and knowledgeable guests. First up was the distinctly disruptive Toby Wilman, Head of Talent and Community at Infinity Works –...

Insight Into… Our 4th Birthday

BlogIf you missed our 4th Birthday Festivities last month, here is a round-up of the milestones that we celebrated and how we marked the auspicious occasion. Over the last four years we have been fortunate enough to be able to grow the Insight family so that we are...

Support Mustard Tree

Insight Into… Our Morning at Mustard Tree

Insight Into… Our Morning at Mustard Tree

BlogInsight Into… Our Morning at Mustard Tree. Last week a group of our employees put down the phones, halted the BD’s and paused the target chasing to spend their morning getting stuck in to a worthy cause. Upon arrival we set about hosting a workshop in the IT suite...


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