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Insight Recruitment’s pledge to support equality

We believe that innovation has its origins within community. 

By pooling experiences, knowledge, and ideas from a diverse collective, we can come together and create truly great things.

As a recruitment agency, we are aware that equality is important. Being at the forefront of our client’s hiring plans, we are committed to using our unique position to help businesses within the Technology and Engineering spaces develop effective D&I strategies.

We recruit without bias, working with our clients to ensure that they provide equal opportunities for employment without regard to ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, neurodiversity, disability or any other quality which makes a candidate unique.

We want to use our voice and reach to make the industries we work within better.

This is why we have launched the Let’s Get Inclusive Initiative and have committed to work with a variety of D&I groups within Technology and Engineering; one of these being the Tech Talent Charter. These groups emphasise the benefits of networking and cross-collaboration, having a collective approach to solving and discussing issues that stand in the way of equality.

Education is central to the Let’s Get Inclusive drive. As part of this series, we will release regular spotlights from key D&I advocates, promoting their voices and stories to highlight ongoing challenges and shine a light on their career successes. 

We’ve also implemented an equality-driven recruitment process, ensuring our Consultants are trained to consider D&I at all elements of the Recruitment journey from eliminating gendered language in job advertising to blind screening of applicant CVs.



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