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Staying ahead in an increasingly smart engineering industry is important to us, so we are constantly developing our expertise and working hard to add value on any project no matter the complexity, from concept to completion.

With a unique sector and market focus, our specialist team delivers Engineering excellence and provides the people to tackle the Industries toughest challenges.

We have built a connected Engineering community based on trust and we work in partnership with our respected range of customers to ensure they have the best opportunity to fulfill their potential.

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Like our name, we love sharing Insight Into understanding our people and company culture, our specialist practices and how you can develop within your career. Read, watch and get an Insight into the world of Tech, IT and Engineering.

Let’s Get Inclusive Spotlights: Rachel Wallace

Rachel Wallace is a Robotics Automation Engineering Manager at HighRes Biosolutions. Enabling a department of Automation and Liquid Handling Engineers that write code and deploy integrated robotics systems that helps labs and pharma test for Covid-19 and other experiments faster, more consistently, and in an automated fashion. She has over a decade’s experience within management positions at a variety of engineering and tech companies and is passionate about diversity and inclusion within these spaces.

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The War on Video

There’s no questioning that virtual conferencing and video-based services have been critical to business continuity throughout the course of the pandemic. However, with the abundance of video across are we entering a new wave of video-platform fatigue?

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The UK’s New Decarbonisation Strategy

The UK government has announced a new Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, setting out its vision to create a low-carbon industrial sector and dramatically slash emissions from public buildings. It has called the strategy “an ambitious blueprint to deliver the world’s first low-carbon industrial sector”, promising over £1 billion in funding to cut emissions from industry, schools and hospitals.

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