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Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

By pooling experiences, knowledge, and ideas from a diverse collective, we can come together and create truly great things.

As a recruitment agency, we are aware that equality is important. Being at the forefront of our client’s hiring plans, we are committed to using our unique position to help businesses within the Technology and Engineering spaces develop effective D&I strategies.

We recruit without bias, working with our clients to ensure that they provide equal opportunities for employment without regard to ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, neurodiversity, disability or any other quality which makes a candidate unique.


Watch The Power Hive’s D&I Round Table with Gary Elden OBE (Former SThree CEO & Amoria Bond Chairperson), Liz Johnson (Paralympian and TAP Co-founder), and Natasha Clarke (Women In Recruitment Chair).

The D&I Conversation


Centred around D&I in Recruitment, our panel offer actionable insights on the topics of addressing gender equality in the workplace,  race and ethnicity, neurodiversity and disability within the workplace. This is an informal discussion where our panellists shared their own personal experiences and provided constructive advice to those looking to make their teams more inclusive.

Let’s Get Inclusive Spotlights

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Royal Academy of Engineering:


Men for Inclusion:


How to be a STEMinist:

Podcast by Tiffany Dawson

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity:

Mental Health At Work Resource Guide

Being Anti-Racist in the Workplace:

Mental Health At Work Resource Guide


Building a high-performance culture is important to the success of your business. Creating an environment where your workers feel included and belong, can readily share their ideas and are valued for their contributions, leads to a greater degree of collaboration and positively encourages  employee engagement. Engagement Multiplier’s “Era of Belonging” white-paper has found that high employee belonging has been linked to spectacular improvement in core business metrics, including:


  • A 56% increase in job performance
  • A 50% reduction in turnover risk
  • A ​​​​​​​75% reduction in sick days

Watch The Power Hive’s interview with Alison Humphries

Building an L&D Culture


An award-winning NED and strategic advisor, Alison works with recruitment business owners to help them achieve their objectives profitably, sustainably and authentically. Alison is the Owner and Director of Recruitment Leadership Ltd which specialises in elevating recruitment businesses with a fully-integrated service offering.

She is apt within Strategic Consulting, working closely with Directors and Business Leaders to produce strategies with measurable goals, Executive Coaching, providing one-to-one coaching to enhance leadership and management performance across businesses, and training, creating training modules with Leaders and Managers to deliver real-life, results-driven development.

Engagement Multiplier’s Free Downloads

Engagement Multiplier's COVID Culture Check

Insight Clients have FREE access to Engagement Multiplier’s COVID check

“The Covid Culture Check,” is a short survey designed to assess culture across multiple dimensions that are under particular pressure due to the changes the pandemic has imposed on businesses and individuals, including:

Employee fatigue and burnout, Misalignment between employers and employees, Resistance to returning to the workplace, and Misunderstanding of how employees’ expectations of employers have changed.

Talent Partnership

The competitive days pitching internal recruitment teams and agency against each other are firmly behind us. At Insight, we understand working collaboratively is key to making sure your business acquires the best talent out there.

We help talent acquisition teams with their recruitment strategies, partnering with your IR or HR division to deliver a bespoke hiring strategy to deliver informed staffing solutions. Keeping up to date with the latest innovations and revelations, we use our industry insights within recruitment to guide you and make your recruitment process the best it can be.

The Let’s Get Disruptive Podcast


A podcast aimed at industry leaders and disruptors across the Tech and Engineering space!

In the series we speak to Toby Wilman (Talent and Community at Infinity Works), Gabrielle Earnshaw (Principal Consultant at Infinity Works), Neil Casey (Global Head of Sourcing and Strategic Hiring at ThoughtWorks), Andy Gray, (Co-founder of BlockRocket.tech), and Tim Benjamin (Storyteller at Infinity Works).

We explore how to attract and retain talent, imposter syndrome, recognising your employee’s value, technology’s role in building community, D&I within STEM, blockchain, the creative link between music and technology & much more!

How ThoughtWorks do it:

Interview with Neil Case

Market Intelligence:

Hiring reports for Tech 

A Winning Candidate Experience:

Hinterview Blog on Video in Recruitment

Market Intelligence:

Hiring reports for Engineering


54% of all time lost at work was due to work related stress and mental health issues. Furthermore, Burnout is estimated to cost the global economy up to $323.4 billion each year — meaning that wellbeing has now become a business issue.

Attitudes to mental health and wellbeing within the work place have changed dramatically over recent years. Employees, particularly those within the GenZ and Millennial brackets, now expect a level of wellbeing support to be available through their employer.

The changing nature of work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has also greatly impacted the workforce; the Office for National Statistics found that around 1 in 5 (21%) adults experienced some form of depression in early 2021; this is an increase of 19% since November 2020 and more than double the figure observed before the pandemic. Placing an emphasis on individual well-being has never been more critical to broader organisational health and your business’ prosperity.

Watch WellMinds At Work’s 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Research links the growth mindset with many benefits, including greater comfort with taking personal risks and striving for more stretching goals; higher motivation; enhanced brain development across wider ranges of tasks; lower stress, anxiety and depression; better work relationships; and higher performance levels.

WellMinds At Work is run by Dr Aimee McCarthy and Lauren Di Ventura MCIPD. With 15 years’ experience in mental health and wellbeing, Aimee provides psychological services to Google and has worked with a range of clients across the commercial space. Lauren has worked as a HR professional for nearly 20 years and has implemented wellbeing interventions and learning programmes that have directly impacted business performance and results. She is a qualified coach and holds a post-graduate in Organisation Design and Development.

Watch The Power Hive’s interview with Joe Thompson (Ex-Footballer and Elite Performance Coach).

Reintegration After Isolation

As an ex Professional Footballer, Joe has an inspiring story off the pitch which has led his career into a whole new realm completely. Now as an Elite Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author he speaks about his incredulous and emotional experience as a two time Cancer Survivor as well as iterating the lessons he learnt from the world of sport.

Joe uses his journey, knowledge and a wealth of life tools to create high performing individuals and teams. He is extremely passionate about developing future leaders and elevating groups to excel and create a high performing organisation and does this in a coaching capacity in various ways including a powerful, motivational, keynote presentation and in holding elite leadership and resilient mindset workshops with teams.


Workplace Wellbeing Index


Health & Wellbeing at Work 2021 Report

Mental Health At Work:

Curated Indexes

Technical Insights

Empowering Sustainable Growth also relates to our technical audiences. Through our community we want to empower voices and share stories from experts in the field and customers we know from first-hand experience are doing it right.

Let’s Get Disruptive: CHANGE

Let’s Get Disruptive: The Human Element of Automation

Let’s Get Disruptive: SCALE

Let’s Get Disruptive:

Reflections on 2020

Tech Blogs

Meet Our New Tech Team Member – Steven

Here at Insight Recruitment, we’re excited to further grow our UK Tech team as we aim to explore new markets. Steven Branch joins the Insight family in the position of Recruitment Consultant.

Meet Our New Tech Team Member – Megan

Here at Insight Recruitment, we're excited to further grow our UK Tech team as we aim to explore new markets. Megan Valentine joins the Insight family in the position of Recruitment Consultant.About Megan: As a Recruitment Consultant at Insight, I specialise in the...

Engineering Blogs

The UK’s New Decarbonisation Strategy

The UK government has announced a new Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy, setting out its vision to create a low-carbon industrial sector and dramatically slash emissions from public buildings. It has called the strategy “an ambitious blueprint to deliver the world’s first low-carbon industrial sector”, promising over £1 billion in funding to cut emissions from industry, schools and hospitals.

Celebrating Women in Engineering

The underrepresentation of women in Engineering is a global issue that has proven hard to address. Whilst the industry has come a long way in terms of equality and the statistics in terms of women in STEM-related higher education, the employment of female engineers, and the number of women achieving management or high-level leadership positions is on the rise. Constant pressure is needed to effect real systemic and cultural change.

Tech for Good: the future of positive change

Tech for Good companies are successfully carving out a new niche within the industry. In an increasingly woke society, people are prepared to engage in difficult discussions and catapult injustices into the mainstream. Tech is being used to amplify messages and find creative solutions to everyday, systemic and global problems.

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