Here at Insight Recruitment, we’re excited to grow our Tech team and explore niche markets with the support of our newest recruit. Leah Ballantyne joins the Insight family in the position of Client Solutions Conultant.

About Leah:

I’m Leah and I’m a Client Solutions Consultant at Insight. I will be recruiting within a variety of UK Tech markets including Development, Business Change and Data/Cloud.

Why are you excited to work within this market?

I am excited about working within the Client Solutions function as there is constant change in the roles I will be recruiting for which gives me the opportunity to work with a wide range of professionals within the tech industry.

What’s your background?

I worked in hospitality whilst completing my degree and then worked in sales within the manufacturing sector before starting my first role in recruitment at Insight. I gained many transferable attributes from my previous roles such as excellent organisational and interpersonal skills. Also, I learnt to be versatile and adapt to different industries and these skills I believe will benefit me within my new role as I will not be focusing solely on one market.

Why did you join Insight?

It was definitely the culture that instantly drew me to insight from my first interview, there was a great energy within the office and from everyone I spoke too. I also aligned with insight’s core values and I knew it would be a great place to begin my recruitment career, with their caring and supportive culture as well as their tailored training programmes that would allow me to progress in my career and grow within the industry I operate in. Insights inclusivity and focus on progression within the company is also something I value to be a part of.

What does Insight’s purpose of Empowering Sustainable Growth mean to you?

Insight’s purpose of Empowering Sustainable Growth to me is having the opportunity to grow and develop within my recruitment career in a supportive environment that provides me with the platform to learn from the best, allowing me to progress within myself and the business.

It is also important looking externally at the impact Insight has on the wider community, from their work with organisations like Mustard Tree, I think it is so important to be able to give back, promoting sustainable growth not only within the business but within the wider community around Manchester.

Describe yourself in three words… 

  1. Driven
  2. Thoughtful
  3. Enthusiastic

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? 

I am class at playing the piano.


Quickfire round…

Winter or summer? 

Depends on the time of day

Cats or dogs?


Pineapple on pizza?  

No chance

Mind-read or ability to fly? 


Horror or comedy films?


Insight’s purpose is to Empower Sustainable Growth. To support our customer demand and our internal growth both across the UK and internationally we are looking for more people to join us on our journey.  Please get in touch with one of the team for more information or a confidential chat!

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