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Here at Insight Recruitment, we continue to develop innovative ways to sustain company growth and establish stronger relations with our customers with the support of the newest addition to our operations team. Tilly Hickey joins the Insight family in the position of Marketing Executive.

About Tilly:

I’m Tilly and I’m a Marketing Executive at Insight Recruitment. I will be working with the wider operations team to develop and implement efficient marketing strategies to support division growth as well as help increase brand awareness.

Why are you excited to work within this sector?

I was inspired to join the Marketing industry for two reasons. Reason one is that my dad (a legend by the way) has been in Marketing/Sales for over 30 years and reason two is simply that I love social media like most 20-something-year-olds, so I felt it’d be a fun career to take.

Why did you join Insight?

Insight felt like a good fit as their company values and family-centric work environment immediately appealed to me. Also, Diversity & inclusion is prioritised at Insight and that’s something that really sparked my interest.

What’s your background?

Previously, I was a Marketing Executive for a small IT Support company based in Oldham. My role consisted mostly of social media management and content creation. As much as I enjoyed it, I knew after 20 months that I was hungry for something more challenging… and then Insight walked into my life.

What does Insight’s purpose of Empowering Sustainable Growth mean to you?

The idea of constantly progressing in my career and upskilling is amazing. I think all companies should Empower Sustainable Growth and push their staff to do the best of their ability.

Describe yourself in three words… 

  1. Confident
  2. Chatty
  3. Curious

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? 

I have 2 adorable dogs called Dexter & Bertie.

Quickfire round…

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, duh!

Pineapple on pizza?

Rather not

Mind-read or ability to fly? 


Horror or comedy films?

Horror, always

City or beach holiday?


Insight’s purpose is to Empower Sustainable Growth. To support our customer demand and our internal growth both across the UK and internationally we are looking for more people to join us on our journey.  Please get in touch with one of the team for more information or a confidential chat!

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