Here at Insight Recruitment, we continue to make further strives in the Mission Critical industry, expanding our operations overseas and creating deep talent networks across our specialisms with the support of our newest recruits. Alexandra Lavery joins the Insight family in the position of Electrical Engineering Recruitment Consultant.


About Alexandra:

I’m Alexandra and I’m a Electrical Engineering Recruitment Consultant at Insight, specialising in the Mission Critical industry. I will be working with Electrical Professional based within Data Centre/Pharmaceutical industries across the UK and Europe.

Why are you excited to work within this market?

Data Centres are the key to the world moving increasingly towards a digital form. They are an essential part of life with people demanding quick information, communication and high performing web services, Data Centres are imperative.

What’s your background?

I have no recruitment experience, however I have learnt many transferable skills from my previous door-to-door sales role such as having good communication skills.

Why did you join Insight?

After working in some previous roles with very poor culture this is an aspect which swayed me in pursuing a job with insight. The culture and people stood out from my first time in the office.

What does Insight’s purpose of Empowering Sustainable Growth mean to you?

Providing me with the skills and training for me to be the best within my niche market.

Describe yourself in three words… 

  1. Ambitious
  2. Reliable
  3. Confident

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? 

I can make bird noises.


Quickfire round…

Tea or coffee? 

Flat white with almond milk

Cats or Dogs?

100% dogs!!!

Pineapple on pizza?  

Yes please ☺

Mind-read or ability to fly? 


Horror or comedy films?


Insight’s purpose is to Empower Sustainable Growth. To support our customer demand and our internal growth both across the UK and internationally we are looking for more people to join us on our journey.  Please get in touch with one of the team for more information or a confidential chat!

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